**Disclaimer: Before I begin, let me just say that I’ve recently ventured out of this safe, low place, but I am returning slowly but surely.** 


Go low. This is a command that God has given me throughout my life. Sometimes, He’s said the exact words. Other times, He’s demonstrated it to me, but nonetheless it’s the same command. At times it’s meant, “humble yourself” because of pride and arrogance. Other times it’s meant, “be the bigger person”. However, I’d have to say it’s more often meant, ““die” more (lay your life down) and settle (marinate, stew, pickle) in Me”. 


THE REASON: He’ll tell me to die more in Him in order to RAISE ME HIGHER and TAKE ME DEEPER; or TO PROTECT ME FROM SOMETHING BAD; or PREPARE ME FOR SOMETHING GOOD; or ALL OF THE ABOVE. Here lately, I feel His “go lower” has been more to protect me.


Protect me from what? I don’t always know “the what”, but I’ve experienced enough to know that if He says “go lower”, SOMETHING is coming, and it potentially has the ability to negatively shake and affect me. If I choose to obey and submit to Him in any command, I’ve taken the first step in humility, fearing the Lord, and in wisdom. To fear the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (Prov. 9:10) and if we submit to God and resist the Devil, he will flee (James 4:7). Herein lies our protection. 


When commanded, our choice to “go lower”/get humble will cover and protect us in places and in ways that our usual methods of warfare will not.


This position of going lower usually requires me to abandon everything that I think I know. It asks me to transfer my focus off of the good and bad and place it on the best…Jesus. It eliminates my flawed perspectives and filtered opinions and thoughts, so that I may hear and see unhindered as any storms and assaults that pass over me. It is a process of reducing things in my soul that compromise my spiritual safety and keep me vulnerable to attacks. 


Even greater, in this position, Jesus’ name and presence eclipses my presence, blinding the enemy of my stance and location. All the while, I’m able to sit at the table, feasting and resting with a guarded heart as long as I stay low. Also in this position, He’ll cause my enemy to hear the false sound of chariots just as he did for lepers who by faith risked their lives to enter the enemy’s camp to eat of their spoil. (2Kings 7:3-8)


There’s so much going on in the Body of Christ and the world at large, so it’s safe to say that God is calling many of us to “go low”.

No matter His reasons for calling us low, it all points us back to our need for humility and to identify with Jesus who is our greatest example, having laid His life down to become the ultimate sacrifice in our stead. 


Is He calling you unto Himself? If yes, He’s calling you lower to take you higher.


Is He calling you to change your attitude? If yes, He’s calling you lower to take you higher.


Is He calling you to forgive? If yes, He’s calling you lower to take you higher.


Is He calling you to walk in your God-given purpose? If yes, He’s calling you lower to take you higher.


Is He asking you to not “share” or write that social media post? If yes, He’s calling you lower to take you higher.


Let’s pray for one another that we heed His call to “go low” in whatever sense of that command He places on our hearts.


In Him,