Last year, as in November 2017, I had an amazing dream of meeting Jesus. Without going into all the details of the dream, I will say that it was similar to the movie, ‘The Shack’, except Jesus actually looked the way He would’ve looked on earth.

The dream took place in a house, specifically the bathroom, and bathrooms usually represent cleansing, eliminating, and deliverance. There were multiple themes in this dream, but the ones that stood out the most were:

  1. I must become like a child.
  2. Resting in Him.
  3. Breaking ties w/my true enemy, Satan.

Number three had the most impact upon me, so that’s what I’ll share.

Jesus was sitting in the bathroom, and with tears I kept asking Him, “Do You know how much I love You?” By His body language and the look on His face, it felt hard convincing Him that I loved Him. It reminded me of when a wife or husband does something to really hurt the other, and it takes the spouse a while to get over it. They still love the one who brought the hurt, but he/she needs a minute to get past the hurt. I knew I’d hurt Him.

He finally responded, “There are some things I’ve been trying to get to you, but YOU KEEP GIVING THE TEMPTER YOUR TIME.”

WHOA!! Such a loaded statement, and deep within me, I knew what He meant. It just hurt to hear.

As I mentioned before, there were a few other themes of correction, but they all hung upon this one statement He spoke to me.

Not gonna’ lie, although I was excited to have experienced Him in this way, I was a little confused.

After the dream, my first thought was…

‘I imagined my first time meeting and seeing Jesus in a dream or an open vision of things similar to fairies, sugarplums, and roses; NOT A REBUKE!’

LOL! It was a gentle rebuke, but a rebuke nonetheless.

I think it was hard receiving it at first, because of my idealism about Jesus as He pertains to me. He’ll usually start me off slowly, and then handle me more sternly. Aside from the obvious goal to getting me to stop agreeing with the enemy, I believe He wanted to crush some of the idealism I have about His ways. His appearance was even different than what I expected, as He appeared short and had sort of a large nose.

I’ve grown in discernment over the years on how to detect if a dream is from the Lord (I’m still growing), so naturally I didn’t wholeheartedly accept the dream in the very beginning. It was easy not to, because it didn’t give me that “feel-good feeling” I’m used to. Instead, I received a hard pill to swallow.

Despite it being hard to hear, every time I’d talk about it to someone, I’d break down crying because of the love of God I felt over the message. Then, I noticed I almost immediately began producing fruit from it. This just means that I began going through the areas in my life where I believed the lies of the enemy, and then I brought them before the Lord for help to eliminate them.

Why am I telling you guys this? Honestly, I’m not 100% sure. LOL!

Maybe it’s so we can be reminded that God likes to switch things up a bit, and if you immediately throw things out, you could miss Him.

Maybe through sharing part of this dream, we can have a glimpse of how Jesus’ heart can be broken through our giving any other person, or entity, our time.

Maybe it’s my hope that in some way you’ll be encouraged by knowing that God is so interested in your success that He’d step into your dreams.

Through this dream, I became further convinced that He’s alive and well, and WE are ALWAYS on His mind!