Fruit Pouches and Jesus

Recently at a Sunday service at my local church, I made a b-line to go near the altar/stage to participate in collective worship. I asked my three-year-old daughter if she wanted to go up with me, and she said, “yes.” I wish I could say that my ONLY reason for taking her was so that she could partake in the worship experience with me, but I’d be lying. My husband was busy parking our van, and sitting her on a stranger’s lap while I go rock out with Jesus just didn’t seem like the right thing to do. LOL!

As I stood there holding her 42 inches and 38lbs., I tried lifting my hands. It didn’t work. It almost never works. Then, I simultaneously tried to keep her dress pulled down, while keeping my shirt pulled down and my pants up. What a sight to behold! She hugged my neck tightly while eating a fruit squeeze pouch and it felt like my 5ft. 3 in. body got shorter and shorter, as my knees began to buckle. Just when I couldn’t take it anymore, my hubby came near the stage, motioning for Bella to come with him to a meeting, ultimately saving my day!

Alas, Bella’s gone and I can focus all the way on Jesus. I get lost in Him, telling Him how much I love Him, and lifting my hands…HANDS. THAT. ARE. STILL. HOLDING. ONTO. BELLA’S. FRUIT. POUCH.


In that moment, I saw a picture of what it’s been like for the past 13 ½ years of raising my children

…It’s a picture of a mother who loves her children, while going hard after Jesus.

…It’s a picture of a woman who God is teaching to love Him through loving and serving her family.

…It’s picture of God abiding in a mother’s humanity and her everyday life.


It reminded me of

…the mornings where I’d be trying to pray and my children would burst through the door crying about something, causing me to forget what I was even praying about.

…the times where I’d be trying to read my bible, and I’d have to quickly move it from under my kid’s hands to avoid food getting stuck onto the pages.

…the times when I had to bring my children into my intimate, private time with the Lord, because I was the only one home to watch them.


I see

…God’s pleasure over mothers who are trying their best EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.!

…a God who’s been tempted in every way we are, but DID NOT SIN, and is able to empathize with our weaknesses. (Heb. 4:15)

…a God who sees a mother’s worship as costly alabaster oil.


If any of this sounds like you, please know that not only does God see you, but your children do too.

Your children will rise and call you blessed

…because they’re watching you love Jesus while spending hours cooking and cleaning for them.

…when they can understand how you did whatever it took to point them to Jesus.

…because you kept God your #1 priority while raising them.


He saw you

…when you could’ve stayed in the bed to sleep as you heard Him call you away to pray, but you got up anyway.

…every time you weren’t thanked or recognized for the many things you do, but kept showing up to honor His presence in your life.

…every time you gave your womb for Him to fill it with one of His greatest gifts, which is human LIFE!


…every time you rushed out of the house, having only your Contiga coffee mug in hand and a Pop-Tart hanging out of the side of your mouth, just to get your kid to events and practices in your attempt at helping them to discover at least part of their purpose.


Whether this is your season of “fruit pouches and Jesus”, “recitals and Jesus”, “varsity games and Jesus”, and/or “college admissions and Jesus”, just know that you are SEEN and you are LOVED!

While remembering to make time for yourself, keep doing what you’re doing, mamas, because He loves what seems to be a dichotomy of your life’s details while walking out your life with Him.