Shea Moisture’s Sea Kelp Line

I’ve loved anything with a Sea Kelp scent ever since my college days when I found Rusk’s Deep Shine Sea Kelp Shampoo and Conditioner. I think it’s discontinued…bummer…but fortunately it hung around long enough to make quite an impression on me. Now that I’m drinking the “all-natural, all-organic, non-gmo, non-dairy, non-gluten, non-taste” “Kool-Aid”, I try to trade in chemicals for the stuff that doesn’t threaten my life. LOL!

Recently, I stumbled upon Shea Moisture’s Sea Kelp Moisturizing “soap” bar, and it is PHENOMENAL! I can’t quite prove it, because I sometimes use 1,000 other products on my face, but I believe it’s highly responsible for brightening my face as of late. It smells fresh, just the way I like, and it doesn’t break me out or make me feel oily, like some other “free of” soaps I’ve used. If you’re looking for something sans chemical, while giving you a true body cleansing, this is great! Also, if Sea Kelp isn’t your thing, check out their other soaps and scents, and GET YOUR FRESH ON!