Just a quick word to Mamas and Daddies!


Let your kids see you worship the Lord. Do it in their presence unashamedly. Let them see you refuse their requests when they barge in on your time with God. Let them see you invite them into your time with God, also. Let them see you worship God in your daily actions and  obedience. Pull them into your “prayer closets” as little ones. SHARE YOUR TESTIMONY, w/ DISCRETION! Let them know how God provided this month’s mortgage when you couldn’t afford it. Let them see you abased and abound. Teach them how they can release heaven wherever they go, just as you do when you worship the TRUE AND ONLY LIVING GOD.


What’ll happen when you do:


They’ll see the one who’s in charge of them (mom and dad) submit to Someone else bigger than them (God). They’re witnessing discipline in action. They’re witnessing faithfulness and devotion to a God who they can’t see, but know must be real. They’ll know that God is their source and their parents’ careers are just resources. The anointing for their freedom will be present, because where we release His spirit, there is liberty. The more they become used to this atmosphere, the more it’ll feel like home and they’ll yearn for it too.


If they shall ever go astray, just think on the ginormous seeds you’ve sown into their lives. Think of how you opened your heart to cause God to open His heart and hand to your home. Think of how a seed never dies, but shall bear fruit. Bring the Father into remembrance of those times. Ask Him to breathe more life into that which you’ve by faith have already spoken.

I mean…


If you have little ones, you are of great advantage. If your kids are older, it’s never too late. Would He have told us to “…work while it is day, for the night comes when no man can work”, if there wasn’t another chance to get on board?

Our kids want more than our church attendance…they want our victories, our pitfalls and our passion!

One day they’ll stand to testify of their legacy and about the part you played in their victory, so DON’T HOLD BACK!