I believe all of us, including boys, girls, women, and men are called to “walk with God” like some of the forerunners in scripture. We have a fantastic opportunity to live every day with the constant presence and communication of the Almighty Himself. Since the Spirit of Christ began drawing me during my high school years, I’ve longed to know the Lord in this way.
In college, when I met this super-fine girl (LaSaunda), I was even more impressed with her love for Christ than her gorgeous face… and wow what a pretty face!  Later when we were married, I kept seeking to grow in closeness with Jesus.
I have been overwhelmingly blessed with the wife and children I have. I continue to discover how my wife is even better than I realized. She is more beautiful, wiser, and spiritually stronger as the years go by. My sons and daughter also keep amazing me as they begin to grow into their personalities and physical attributes. Although being a husband and father are highly rewarding gifts from God, they can also present challenges to “walking with God” and maintaining my personal devotion.
Are wives and children intended to be stumbling blocks to walking with God? That’s an easy question. The answer is no. They bring new roles and experiences for a man so he can further mature and expand in his knowledge and interaction with God. When we think of walking with God, Enoch is typically the first that comes to mind. Scripture passage: “Enoch walked with God and was not, because the Lord took him.” Enoch walked with God one time, and walked with God some more, and kept walking with God until God took him completely out of the earth realm into the spirit realm.
HERE’S AN IMPORTANT FACT FOR US MEN: Enoch did not walk with God until after he had children. ENOCH BECAME A FATHER BEFORE HE EVER WALKED WITH GOD.
That’s good news to us dads who desire to know the Lord in new ways. Being a father helped Enoch relate to Father God and experience God in a way that enabled Enoch to walk with the Father.
After over 21 years of pursuing a closer walk with God, I’ve realized that He makes things easier than we do. We can complicate it by using formulas or steps to achieving certain levels of spiritual experiences and power, while the Lord has provided countless invitations for us in our everyday circumstances and relationships.

As we husbands spend time with our wives, and as we fathers parent our children, let us see God’s displays of His nature and spiritual truths. Let us lean in to hold Christ’s hand and take each step with Him. Step one foot after the other, beholding the Lord with each step until we too are walking with God.




Brandon Logan