A New Year…

Ever notice how everyone holds high expectations over the new coming year? If each year was a house made of brick and mortar, I think it would still collapse under the weight of expectation held over its roof. I’ve held this sort of expectation over an approaching year at some time or another, but these days I see the beginning of a new year as just another day at getting it right, or I tend to view time/new year/life events in terms of ‘Seasons of Life’.

Well, this season of life has been super challenging. From raising/juggling three inquisitive, growing boys and a busy toddler, to still searching out more of my purpose and calling, besides motherhood, in this season. Yes, I’m 37, and I’m still unearthing much of any gifts and talents that I possibly have. Call me a late bloomer…go ahead…I don’t care! He, he, he!

In this upcoming season, I’m hoping to learn how to do less juggling and more managing of the responsibilities that I’m given. When a juggler juggles, their time is spent assuring that the balls don’t fall, but there is no real appreciation or consideration of the balls themselves, except to keep them from falling. There’s a subtle pressure for the juggler to keep the objects [responsibilities] going in a continuous cycle. On the other hand, “managing” denotes that the one who’s managing is in control and in charge. Additionally, managing anything requires some level of familiarity with whatever one’s managing.

I’ve been the juggler for way too long, and it’s catching up with me.

I used to juggle with ease, feeling like I had it all together, but in actuality, I just kept things from hitting the ground, at best. Want to know who’s hitting the ground now?…ME! Ha!

It’s time for me to return to managing well what the Father has given me to do, and the first order of business will be ensuring that I’m not managing anything that God hasn’t given me to manage.

“NO” can be a holy word,
if used at the right time and place for your sanity,
and I plan to use it more often.

For instance, “No, LaSaunda, you don’t need to buy three extra bottles of ketchup because they’re on sale!” “No, son, you cannot join another sports team this year.”

There are countless scenarios such as these, and they all in some way push me out of the management zone and into the juggling zone. I mean, how many bottles of ketchup do I need? What’s likely to happen is I will complain about how the pantry is overflowing with items we don’t use, and how it’s a mess, because the kids can’t keep up with my hoarding “bulk shopping”. Every time I walk past my pantry, I’ll have to fight to not feel overwhelmed by the sight of it. Next, those feelings will probably lead me into how overwhelmed I am about life in general, and how nobody cares about my load. Then, I’ll take my pity party to my husband and tell him how he’s connected to my load, and now on my list. LOL! Do you see what just happened? An unnecessary abundance of Heinz 51 Organic Ketchup is now making me want to get marriage counseling. Hahaha!

Ketchup and being a taxi mom are small things, but those small things, if not managed or reduced, usually lead to juggling, resulting in all the balls hitting the ground. This year, let’s metaphorically put the ketchup down and close the doors to our taxi service. We are not circus clowns, so we can stop the juggling!

Here’s to managing 2017 and beyond…